Finally settling in

So here i am.. in my “flat” 🙂 
managed to finally get a place to live and get a decent paying job in London, UK. 

In a month I managed to also travel to Spain and France 



JT in TO

Justin Timberlake and his best pal, Trace Ayala, visited The Hudson Bay Company Queen street store on Jul 16 to promote their clothing brand, William Rast!

Trace and Justin talked about their clothing line and answered fans’ twitter questions. It was just awesome seeing the legendary Justin Timberlake in the flesh!

ps – Thanks to HBC for the refreshing water and cookies 🙂




Visual Diary – Sassafraz for Summerlicious

In the heart of Yorkville, there is a yellow, Victorian house -aka- Sassafraz Restaurant.
…my mom, Regina and I went there this past Saturday.

After trying their summerlicious menu, we went shopping at Holt Renfrew.
Perfect weekend.

20130715-155356.jpg 20130715-155412.jpg

First Course – Tomatillo gazpacho
crème fraiche / chipotle saffron oil / basil cress (vegetarian)


Second Course – Harrison Co-op artisan chicken breast
white quinoa pilaf / summer squash ratatouille / natural reduction (local)


Third Course- Mango and mint bavarois
oat crumble / spiced raspberry coulis

20130715-155501.jpg 20130715-155516.jpg 20130715-155524.jpg  20130715-160957.jpg 20130715-161020.jpg  20130715-161044.jpg

 Very strange Celine heels! Love them or hate them?


Visual Diary: Diving into Good Food at Canoe restaurant and bar

Luckily for the budget-minded, Toronto’s Summerlicious (‘special offers’ offered by restaurants throughout the city) is in full effect.

My best friend, Regina, and I decided that we would try Canoe restaurant’s menu. We called on the day of and luckily got a spot for 2:15 Lunch.

Located atop of TD Tower, we marveled at its breath-taking view of Toronto and appreciated the taste and the visual presentation of the food served to us.






For $25 Lunch we got:

New Farms Chilled Cucumber Soup
Orange Scented Cucumber, Hewitt’s Buttermilk & Dill

(Prepared by Regina’s boyfriend who is one of Canoe’s chefs)


MAIN- Chicken Campanelle Pasta
Peas, Smoked Bacon & Citrus Chicken Broth 20130710-145036.jpg

MAIN- Wellington County Flat Iron Steak
Gai Lan, Sarladaise Potatoes & Smoked Mustard Aïoli


Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse
Coco Caramel & Devil’s Food Cake

(Chocolate and Hazelnut….the keys to my HEART)


DESSERT – Frozen Yoghurt
Raspberry Broth & Milk Crumble20130710-145017.jpg

Overall a delightful experience!

a highly recommended restaurant

Art Critique: Mr and Mrs William Hallett (‘The Morning Walk’) by Thomas Gainsborough, 1785

Mr and Mrs William Hallett ('The Morning Walk') by Thomas Gainsborough, 1785

When I went to the National Gallery in London, England, I saw a life-size, oil and canvas painting by Gainsborough titled, “The Morning Walk.” I liked it for three simple reasons: 1) I love Gainsborough’s light, feathery brushstrokes 2) I related the painting to my boyfriend and me walking my silly dog as part of our daily routine. 3) It was featured as a backdrop in the James Bond “Skyfall” movie– when he first meets Q (CLIP HERE).

Q & Bond at the National Gallery, London.

Q & Bond at the National Gallery, London.

However, I digress. The point is, this painting was made for a simple reason: to create a marriage portrait for William Hallett and Elizabeth Stephen (both aged 21 at the time) and due to be married in the summer of 1785. The couple solemnly link arms to walk in woodland landscape with a panting, joyful Spitz dog at Elizabeth’s heel. According to the National Gallery, “Portraits of wealthy sitters posed in a natural setting and dressed in their finest (but not necessarily most practical) clothes were a popular status symbol.” The conversation piece, which is the undone jacket and with one hand tucked into it is a stance seen in many fashionable 18th-centry informal portraits. There is also speculation that Elizabeth’s ivory silk dress is her wedding dress.

Quebec City – Ville de Québec

Quebec City - Ville de Québec

A contrast between old and new: having the oldest fortifications in North America to having the most haute, chic stores and establishments (boutique hotels to antique markets to art museums).

Cobble stone paths and horse-drawn carriages…are we even in Canada?

Quebec city is a cultural and historical hub. It is a gorgeous place and I was definitely enchanted by this Francophone city, especially by the Old Town. It’s also a good place to improve my amateur-level French language skills.










Art Critique: Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian, 1930

Expressing a universal cosmic order with Art

 Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian, 1930 – Part of the De Stijil Art Movement

Piet Mondrian’s intention was to move the viewer through his clean, balanced compositions in his pieces. It was his belief that his viewer can conceptualize the spirit realm, which existed outside of time and space.

The artwork uses primary colours of blue, yellow, red with values of white and black, and along with horizontal and vertical lines to create a harmonious, balanced composition.

Fashion Designer, Yves Henri-Donat Matthieu-Saint Laurent (one of my favourite designers better known as YSL …OR “SLP”) was inspired by Mondrian when he created the “Mondrian” Day Dress (Fall 1965) . He knew that “the planarity of the dress was an ideal field for colour blocks” (Metropolitan Museum of Art). An excellent example of how art and fashion meet.