Majorca/ Mallorca: the island boasts history and tons of sunshine

The largest island in Spain’s Balearic Islands archipelago, Majorca, is a beautiful place filled with happy inhabitants, good, familiar Spanish cuisine, an abundance of historic architecture and of course, scenic views of mountains and pristine beaches.

I stayed in Palma with a few girlfriends and although it was such a last minute getaway, Majorca still offered quiet an adventure for us.

We left the apartment in Barcelona in the evening and took an eight hour ferry ride to get to the “big island.” We landed on the island at exactly 7:00 am, with no itinerary, no place to sleep and with very little money. It was destined to be a mess. Fortunately, things turned out fine. With the help of free wifi, some google searches on our iPhones and Lonely Planet’s Spanish Phrasebook and Dictionary, we managed well with our limited resources. We found a last minute hostel to leave all our stuff and we went on our merry way to explore this beautiful island.

We curiously explored the Old Town of Palma. We walked in and out of boutiques, gallivanted about on the cobbled streets and took pictures of the mosaics of Catalan Art Nouveau, which were seen on numerous street corners and the Gothic cathedral—which dominates much of the Old Town. The Banys Àrabs aka the Arab baths was an unexpected treat and was a very relaxing place as it is set in a tranquil garden. The arab baths are one of the few surviving examples of Islamic architecture in Majorca. Palma offered a lot of sight-seeing and had a lively night life as well. We stayed clear of nightclubs; instead, we insisted on doing a tapas/ bar crawl. The young folks can visit various tapas bars that offered discounted tapas + beer for only 3 euros…this offer was for a limited time.

Moreover, we did not miss out on the beaches and mountains. Taking a lengthy bus ride to Cap de Formentor was well worth it. The beach waters were clear and the bus ride to the top of the mountain was was a shaky, adrenaline rush. We took in some sunshine and just bathed in the heat and beauty that Majorca offered.

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Opinions? Comments? Please, let me know what you think!

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