Visual Diary – Sassafraz for Summerlicious

In the heart of Yorkville, there is a yellow, Victorian house -aka- Sassafraz Restaurant.
…my mom, Regina and I went there this past Saturday.

After trying their summerlicious menu, we went shopping at Holt Renfrew.
Perfect weekend.

20130715-155356.jpg 20130715-155412.jpg

First Course – Tomatillo gazpacho
crème fraiche / chipotle saffron oil / basil cress (vegetarian)


Second Course – Harrison Co-op artisan chicken breast
white quinoa pilaf / summer squash ratatouille / natural reduction (local)


Third Course- Mango and mint bavarois
oat crumble / spiced raspberry coulis

20130715-155501.jpg 20130715-155516.jpg 20130715-155524.jpg  20130715-160957.jpg 20130715-161020.jpg  20130715-161044.jpg

 Very strange Celine heels! Love them or hate them?



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