Visual Diary: Diving into Good Food at Canoe restaurant and bar

Luckily for the budget-minded, Toronto’s Summerlicious (‘special offers’ offered by restaurants throughout the city) is in full effect.

My best friend, Regina, and I decided that we would try Canoe restaurant’s menu. We called on the day of and luckily got a spot for 2:15 Lunch.

Located atop of TD Tower, we marveled at its breath-taking view of Toronto and appreciated the taste and the visual presentation of the food served to us.






For $25 Lunch we got:

New Farms Chilled Cucumber Soup
Orange Scented Cucumber, Hewitt’s Buttermilk & Dill

(Prepared by Regina’s boyfriend who is one of Canoe’s chefs)


MAIN- Chicken Campanelle Pasta
Peas, Smoked Bacon & Citrus Chicken Broth 20130710-145036.jpg

MAIN- Wellington County Flat Iron Steak
Gai Lan, Sarladaise Potatoes & Smoked Mustard Aïoli


Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse
Coco Caramel & Devil’s Food Cake

(Chocolate and Hazelnut….the keys to my HEART)


DESSERT – Frozen Yoghurt
Raspberry Broth & Milk Crumble20130710-145017.jpg

Overall a delightful experience!

a highly recommended restaurant


The Taste of Luxury

DSC_0881A French macaron are two airy almond meringue cookies pressed around a creamy filling (ganache). By looking at these colourful treats, my eyes are also filled with desire. The aesthetic beauty of these macarons make me want them even more. They, literally, look like pieces of art to my eyes. Viewing them and eating them are such pleasurable experiences. Both lovely to look at and enjoyable to consume, these macarons become addictive. As I bite into the eggshell-like crust, there is an exhalation, a sweet surrender, as the cookie crumbles, giving way to the chewy, almost half-baked interior—and alas, I feel pure bliss. The main flavor is in the filling: buoyant and intense pistachio ganache complete the gratifying taste of the French macaron. My taste buds feel like they are in heaven! There is such a distinct pleasure of eating such a well-made treat and there is such a sweet, succulent, taste. These tiny, but delicious treats delight my senses and I indulge in more than one. One is never enough, for these French macarons fill my mouth with joy due to its sugary sweetness. Furthermore, I must confess an irrational fondness for the macarons. I am always seeking these sweet treats for they give me such happiness and delight. French macarons: wonderful to touch; beautiful to see; enchanting to eat. They taste of perfection…

Especially if they’re from Ladurée, the inventor of the macarons. They are also a maker of luxurious cakes and pastries. The store itself looks like a museum of baked goods. The store is vibrant in colour with gilted gold. They offer miniature cakes that look too beautiful to eat.

(I went to  the  Ladurée in Harrods and another in Covent Gardens.) 

DSC_0856DSC_0857DSC_0859 DSC_1136 DSC_1135DSC_0885 DSC_0882DSC_0876

“Nobody goes to bed in Madrid till they have killed the night!” – Ernest Hemingway

Move over New York City! Madrid is ACTUALLY the city that never sleeps. Early morning stop for some churros with café con leche to late night tapas/bar hopping to non-stop partying late into the night; there is so much to see … Continue reading