Art Critique: Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian, 1930

Expressing a universal cosmic order with Art

 Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian, 1930 – Part of the De Stijil Art Movement

Piet Mondrian’s intention was to move the viewer through his clean, balanced compositions in his pieces. It was his belief that his viewer can conceptualize the spirit realm, which existed outside of time and space.

The artwork uses primary colours of blue, yellow, red with values of white and black, and along with horizontal and vertical lines to create a harmonious, balanced composition.

Fashion Designer, Yves Henri-Donat Matthieu-Saint Laurent (one of my favourite designers better known as YSL …OR “SLP”) was inspired by Mondrian when he created the “Mondrian” Day Dress (Fall 1965) . He knew that “the planarity of the dress was an ideal field for colour blocks” (Metropolitan Museum of Art). An excellent example of how art and fashion meet.